Research and Development

Thermal Energy Conversion   

  • The Tokyo head office and Imari Plant are jointly involved in the development of new power generation systems and the optimization of current designs.
  • We have facilities available to conduct power generation experiments utilizing ammonia-water mixture working fluids to evaluate designs in a short turnaround. We can promptly propose power generation systems to our clients while incorporating their requests and specifications.

"XP Series": All- welded Plate Type Heat Exchanger

  • Imari Plant plays a central role in the development of XP Series plate type heat exchangers. The XP Series is designed for various thermal energy conversions. Our patents make it possible to achieve low pressure-loss and high heat transfer in the XP Series.
  • We continue to conduct research and development in various fields including production technology, improvement in the reliability and maintenance of technology, and use of new materials.
  • The development of our efficient heat exchangers was possible through the technical cooperation of specialized agencies, technical partnerships with public research institutions, material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, processing companies, etc. and by combining the experiment and analytic technologies accumulated in-house.
  • We can reduce development costs drastically through implementation of fluid analysis, structural analysis, and 3D CAD systems.
  • We can judge product conformance, etc. promptly against a client’s demands and specifications through the use of various experimental devices.