Desalination and Secondary Use of Deep Seawater

Desalination Technology

Desalination utilizing small temperature difference, as well as power generation.

Working Principle

Note: The above model shows only one of the many combinations possible. We can flexibly redesign the system according to the needs of our clients and the conditions of the installation site.

  1. Warm seawater is pumped into a depressurized flash chamber.
  2. Warm seawater evaporates instantly in the flash chamber; this is called “flash evaporation.”

  3. The vapor is directed to the condenser.
  4. The vapor is cooled by cooling water, which condenses the vapor into fresh water.

Characteristics of Desalination

  1. Integration with Power Generation

    Combination with OTEC/DTEC enables simultaneous power generation and desalination.

  2. Usable with Low-quality Raw Seawater

    This system stands up to low-quality raw seawater. There is no need for skilled operators for seawater quality control before desalinization.

  3. High Quality Water Production

    This system can produce distilled water which is useful in industry and for drinking water production.

  4. Critical Technology for Regions with Scarce Water Resources such as the Middle East and Island Countries

Multi-Purpose Utilization of Deep Seawater

Deep seawater pumped up for power generation can be utilized for multiple purposes.

Features of Deep Seawater

  1. Low Temperature

    Less than 5℃ at 1000 m depth in general throughout the year.

  2. Nutrient Rich

    Dissolved nutrients are not consumed due to the scarcity of phytoplankton and accumulate.

  3. High Purity

    Little contamination caused by organisms.

  4. Stability of Water Quality

    The temperature and quality of water are stable throughout the year.